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Dear families,

Alhamdulillah we have passed our third term and entering the fourth. Thank you for all the support and cooperation particularly on Parent Teacher Meeting day. Hopefully we can continue our collaboration to nurture and nourish our beloved child(ren). On the second week of the month, we have had enjoy our short trip to the Fire fighter station nearby, where they showed their equipment, their various safety outfits then brought us on a ride with their big truck, they even let us play with the water and let us squirt the water using their hose! At the end of last month we also visited by two wildlife photographers Kak Azizah & Kak Aulia, who shared what are photographer do at work. Thank you for letting us tried your DSLR camera, kak.

What we will be learning…

Our theme for next month will be My Country, our children will explore Indonesia, the capitol of the country, it’s big five islands; Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua and the beautiful places around such as Borobudur temple, Lake Toba and many wonderful beaches.

On this month there will be a big field trip that in syaa Allah will makes our children happy and at the same time learn to play cooperatively in a team.

Important dates:

* Friday, April 13th We have sent the letter of alternatives of field trip and the result was most of the parents chose Citra Alam Lake Side, Ciputat.

Kindly settle the payment on March 5th at the latest, if your child/ren won’t be able to participate, then please settle the amount for the kids only (Rp. 300.000)/child.

* Friday, April 20th To introduce the children to the tasty and various healthy and traditional snacks, for Pre-Nursery and Nursery, please bring any Javanese traditional snacks. K1 & K2 class, please bring any Javanese traditional children’s game that they will discuss, enjoy and play together with their peers.


Welcome March! First of all, let’s we talk about our activities that we have done on February. In February the students have learnt about transportation. They have learnt to name some transportation such as, car, bus, ship, sail boat, airplane, helicopter, and many more. They also learnt to divide the transportations based on it places (land transportation, water transportation, and air transportation). In February we also conducted Diphtheria Immunization, as our support for the government campaign of Outbreak Response Immunization (ORI), thank you for all the parents that had participated.

March is coming soon. Now let’s we talk about March activities! In March we are going to discuss, explore and learn about occupation. On Friday, March, 16th 2018 we are going to visit fire fighter station, start from 08.30-11.00. Prepare yourself kids, don’t forget to have a breakfast and wear your sport uniform (for Thursday, you can wear Muslim outfit), bring extra clothes and also bring your water bottle. Mommies are welcomed to join!

A little note for Thematic Outing:

Please, fetch your child/ren at 11.30 am at school and since the field trip will be the only agenda for that day, if your child/ren will not be allowed to participate in the activity, then kindly study at home.

SEKOLAH PELANGI ALEXANDRIA WELCOMING NEW STUDENTS Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria is welcoming their new parents and their new students to Pre Nursery and Nursery Class. Have fun students. New pictures in Galleries.
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