Our Program

Within Sekolah Pelangi Family, we have two programs:


  1. Sekolah Pelangi

Sekolah Pelangi is a comprehensive school and TPA offered as optional after class program. Our akhlaqul karimah concept taught as a way of life, but Islamic Studies is reserved in the TPA class for muslims only.


  1. Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria

Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria is a comprehensive school integrating Islamic Studies into its day to day programs. Islamic Studies are taught as after class program, embedded into the curriculum and have similar objectives and goals.


At the end of preschool education, children should:


 Know what is right and what is wrong
 Be willing to share and take turns with others
 Be able to relate to others
 Be curious and able to explore
 Be able to listen and speak with understanding
 Be comfortable and be happy with themselves
 Have developed physical coordination, healthy habits, participation and enjoy a variety of arts experiences
Love their families, friends, teachers and school


The School Programs:

Pre Nursery and Nursery       

 2-4 years old



   K1 4-5 years old
  K2 5-7 years old


Extra Curricular Activities:

 Tae Kwan Do
 Cooking Class
 Fun with Computer


Rainbow English Course

Age Classes
4-6 Pre-elementary classes
7-9 Elementary Classes


SEKOLAH PELANGI ALEXANDRIA WELCOMING NEW STUDENTS Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria is welcoming their new parents and their new students to Pre Nursery and Nursery Class. Have fun students. New pictures in Galleries.
pre N
murid k1
Full english islamic preschool and kindergarten with montessori and singapore curriculum categories.
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