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Sekolah Pelangi Garut Preschool
5 Feb 2016
• Salary negotiable
• Contract, Full Time
• Diploma
• Recent Graduate will be considered
• Five-day work week
• Medical insurance
• Transportation allowance

Looking for a Preschool Teachers/Assistants.
We in Sekolah Pelangi believe that young children should learn from playing, problem solving, questioning, and experimenting. Preschool teachers use play and other instructional techniques to teach children about the world. Teachers use storytelling and rhyming games to teach language and vocabulary. They may help improve children’s social skills by having them work together to build a neighborhood in a sandbox or teach math by having children count when building with blocks.


Job Duties
We are looking for teachers/assistant teachers with these important qualities:
Communication skills. Preschool teachers need good communication skills to tell parents and colleagues about students’ progress. They need good writing and speaking skills to convey this information effectively. They must also be able to communicate well with small children.
Creativity. Preschool teachers must plan lessons that engage young students. In addition, they need to adapt their lessons to suit different learning styles.
Interpersonal skills. Preschool teachers must understand children’s emotional needs and be able to develop good relationships with parents, children, and colleagues.
Organizational skills. Teachers need to be organized to plan lessons and keep records of their students.
Patience. Working with children can be frustrating, and preschool teachers should be able to respond calmly to overwhelming and difficult situations.
Physical stamina. Working with children can be physically taxing, so preschool teachers should have a lot of energy.


Those qualities would be required to prepare teachers to carry out the followings:
• Prepare children for kindergarten by introducing concepts they will explore further in kindergarten and elementary school
• Work with children in groups or one on one, depending on the needs of children and the subject matter
• Plan and carry out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as language, motor, and social skills
• Organize activities so children can learn about the world, explore interests, and develop talents
• Develop schedules and routines to ensure children have enough physical activity, rest, and playtime
• Watch for signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring problems to the attention of parents
• Keep records of the students’ progress, routines, and interests, and keep parents informed about their child’s development.


We require candidates with the following criteria:
1. experience working as teacher for preschool and kindergarten 1-3 years
2. have relevant background such as degree in early childhood education, Psychology on Education, or English Literature.
3. love working with children
4. happy and outgoing personality
5. enjoy music and art, ability to play any musical instrument would be an advantage
6. creative
7. Fun :)
Job Benefit: salary, health insurance, holiday for up to 21 days
Fresh Graduates are free to apply for assistant positions

send your CV  to sekolahpelangijakarta@gmail.com

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