About Us

 It is our purpose to provide children with an education institution that can create laughter and playful activities and turn them into a learning process. 


We have the obligation to bring the potential of our children to their best, by developing their confidence and independency while giving room for creativity and individual personality.


We are the English Speaking Preschool with Islamic Teaching in Our Way of Life. Our approach inspired by Montessori, using Singapore and Indonesian Curriculum and implementing Letterland for a fine penmanship.



“Our Children come to school to have fun, to be happy, to be genuinely curious, to be confident, independent and  active…..and we ensure you that they will love to learn”

SEKOLAH PELANGI ALEXANDRIA WELCOMING NEW STUDENTS Sekolah Pelangi Alexandria is welcoming their new parents and their new students to Pre Nursery and Nursery Class. Have fun students. New pictures in Galleries.
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Full english islamic preschool and kindergarten with montessori and singapore curriculum categories.
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